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Here's where I post brainstorms about projects I'm thinking about working on. If you are interested in collaborating on one of them or suggesting another way we could work together, get in touch!

Icons for the Edges

  • This will be one or more albums of programmatic works about Biblical figures and saints.
  • Album artwork will include newly created icons or other religious artworks meant to be paired with each composition.
  • Potential collaboration opportunities:
    • Sponsor an icon: Commission a work about your favourite saint as an individual, a church, a monastery, or some other group and receive the original artwork in addition to your copy of the album.
    • Record: Several of these pieces have not yet been composed, so instrumentation is flexible!
    • Depict a figure: Create a piece of art to go along with one of the compositions.

Write an opera

  • I don't have very definite plans about this at all at this point. I'm thinking about creating a chamber opera or two that could be performed by 3-6 singers and a similar number of instrumentalists.
  • Content ideas at this point include:
    • The challenges several women face as they go through pregnancy and/or infertility
    • The internal struggles and growth of an American held in prison in another country
  • Potential collaboration opportunities:
    • Research: I would like the opera to be based on real challenges of real people, so we would need good interview or other written material to go off of.
    • Libretto: My capacity for working with words is limited. I'd love some help in this area!
    • Opera consultants: I'd like several people who can give feedback anywhere from the storyboard stage through to the rehearsals and premiere performance. Multiple perspectives are appreciated, so not just performers and directors, but stage hands, costume designers, etc. could be helpful!
    • Director and performers: I have no idea whether this will ever happen or not, but it's more likely if I know there are performers who will take it up and make it happen!
    • Financial/marketing consultant and/or donors: I would like to be able to offer appropriate compensation, but I am an artist just like anyone I would be working with and need help in this area.
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