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Musical Works

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for SATB Choir

Duration: 1:15 min.

     Text: Psalm 117

Commissioned and Empowered  (2015)

for SATB Choir

Duration: 5:00 min.

      Text: Portions of Genesis 1 and 12, Matthew 28, and Luke 3

for SATB Choir

Duration: 3:30 min.

      Text: O Sacrum Convivium

for SATB Choir

Duration: 3:00 min.

      Text: John 1:1; Philippians 2:5-11



for Orchestra

Duration: 6:45 min.


Chamber (Single Movement)


for Soprano, Flute, and Harp

Duration: 8:30 min.

     Text: None

     Note: sample recording is of a previous version

for Classical Guitar (amplified), Violin, Harpsichord, and Piano

Duration: 6:15 min.

for Bassoon Quintet and Contrabassoon

(alt. Bassoon Quartet and Contrabassoon)

Duration: 6:00 min.

for Bassoon Trio

Duration: 2:30 min.

Chamber (Multi-Movement)

Duration: ca. 15:30 min.

     I. Ready to Serve

     II. Golly, You Must Have Lived Here

     III. Like a Good Parent

     IV. Custom Apple Pressing

     V. We Don't Know if We'll Be Successful

          (but it sounds like fun)

     VI. 'Old Ping'

     VII. A Fun Population

     VIII. The Best Place in the World

for Piano Trio and Reciter(s) or Tape

Psalm 49 (2014)

Duration: 16:30 min.

     I. Shimhuzodt kol 'aha amim (featured in sample)

     II. Wherefore should I fear?

     III. Cum viderit sapientes morientes

     IV. Como ovejas, están destinados al sepulcro

     V. Sapos narapela man i kisim planti mani samting

for Soprano or Mezzo-Soprano,

Clarinet, and Piano

Duration: 6:00 min.

     I. Serial Jazz

     II. Serial Minimalism

     III. Serial Fugue

for Bassoon Quartet

Duration: Over 15 min.

     I. Prelude

     II. The Satirist's Allemande

     III. Courante for the Rhinoceros with Four Left Feet

     IV. The Dreamer's Sarabande (featured in sample)

     V. The Tomboy's Minuet (featured in sample)

     VI. Gigue for the Fashionabrantically Late Guest

for Clarinet, Bassoon, and Piano

Vocal Solo

Vocal Solo

for Baritone and Piano

Duration: 4:00 min.

     Text: A Song of Indecision (traditional Chippewa)

Dream (2012)

for Soprano and Piano

Duration: 6:00 min.

      Text: Trifle (Georgia Douglas Johnson)

for Soprano

Duration: 10:30 min.

      Text: Journal Entry of Angela Hendryx

Solitude (2012)

for Voice, Live Electronics, and Body Percussion

Duration: 4:00 min.

      Text: None

for Soprano or Mezzo-Soprano and Piano

Duration: 4:30 min.

      Text: Hosea 6:1-3 (trans. Robert Puckett)

Instrumental Solo

Instrumental Solo (Single Movement)

for Horn

Duration: 7:00 min.

for Amplified Flute and Tape

Duration: 8:00 min.

Soliloquy (2016)

for Bassoon

Duration: 9:45 min.

for Oboe, Tape, and optional Live Electronics

Duration: 7:15 min.

for Piano

Duration: 2:45 min.

Instrumental Solo (Multi-Movement)

Exotic: A Musical Guide to the Coastal
     Birds of Papua New Guinea (2013)

for Clarinet and Recorded Material

Duration: 12:15 min.

      I. Largo - Con Vivo

      II. Lazily

      III. Con Vivo

for Bassoon

Duration: ca. 20 min.

      I. Jesus Prepares Himself for the Cost of Victory

      II. Jesus' Resolve Overcomes his Disciples' Confusion

      III. Jesus' Power Overcomes his Captors' Fear

      IV. Jesus' Patience Overcomes his Jury's Cunning

      V. Jesus' Authority Overcomes Pilate's Double-Mindedness

      VI. Jesus' Gentleness Overcomes the Crowd's Scorn

       VII. The Joy of Jesus' Victory over Death Overcomes his

             Followers' Despair

for Soprano Saxophone

Duration: ca 17 min.

      I. River Journey: Ambunti to Kanduanum

      II. Ayiimta: Our Daily Sago

      III. Murder Mountain

      IV. Song of Atipiik


Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (2014)

for Piano

Duration: 4:00 min.

Es Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen (2018)

for Female Voice and Piano

Duration: 2:15 min.

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