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Creation and Re-Creation

© 2011, MaLoMaLo Press

for Soprano, Flute, and Harp

Duration: ca. 8:30 min.

Text: None

Program Notes:

Creation and Re-Creation musically depicts the overarching story of the Christian gospel - creation, fall, and redemption. The harp, representing God, begins with a seven note motif which symbolises His eternal, unchanging, perfect nature. God's creative works occur when the flute, representing Lucifer, and later the voice, representing mankind, enter in unison with the harp. Both Lucifer and mankind quickly stray from unity with God, entering into the cacophonous dissonances of the following section. Yet God wants to be reunited with mankind, and so He dies to sacrifice Himself for them, depicted by the only section in which the harp is silent. Meanwhile, Lucifer nervously waits for his triumph to be complete and mankind mourns the death of hope in salvation. Yet Christ's resurrection from the dead when the harp returns creates a new beginning, allowing God and man to reunite, marked by unison in the harp and voice parts. After the flute exits, depicting God's judgment on Lucifer, the harp and voice use the opening motif, representing the eternal and perfect unity of God with those He has redeemed.

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