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© 2012, MaLoMaLo Press

for Voice, Live Electronics, and Body Percussion

Duration: 4:00 min.

Text: None

Program Notes:

I wrote Solitude having in mind the idea of a human being alone at a canyon, which provides fertile ground for experimentation with echoes. I imagine that different effects could be achieved by facing different directions as the human gazes into the canyon, and I have tried to capture some of the possibilities with the different electronic effects used in this piece. The title, Solitude, suggests a situation in which the experimenter can feel a release of inhibitions and a freedom to sing into the canyon without fear of condemnation from others.

Live Electronics Settings:

I. Reverb setting for "dry" space at predelay 20ms, 50-75% reflectivity,

large room, and 35-50% "mix"

(For "wet" space, settings will vary even more depending

on natural reverb of performance space;

the goal of this setting is to make the space sound "wet")


II. Delays at full volume:

3.504 sec. delay

7.008 sec. delay
(Delays are 1 and 2 measures later than originally sung)

III. Drone on D3 (or appropriate transposition) using the

live vocal input to supply the timbre and vowels (Vocal Transformer robotize)

IVa. Delays at full volume: 3.504 sec. delay

7.008 sec. delay

10.516 sec. delay
(Delay is 1, 2, and 3 measures later than originally sung)

IVb. All IVb delays will start almost muted;

the volumes will be adjusted to 1/2-2/3 volume manually during the piece:

1.97 sec. delay

3.942 sec. delay

12.486 sec. delay

(Creates effect of micropolyphany - many clusters moving all around at once.

The effect is more important than rhythmic precision)

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